Peace Be Upon You, O Inheritor of Isa, The Spirit Of God

02 May 2018 02:57 in TOPNEWS
Peace Be Upon You, O Inheritor of Isa, The Spirit Of  God

Watch, watch keep awake
Messiah will soon come and take
Those that have believed on Him
And are no longer stained by sin.

The dead shall rise, the living too
That have believed on Messiah, do you ?
Messiah comes back to the Earth
Believe on Him, it is not mirth.

Messiah SHALL COME, do not doubt
The Scripture says so check it out.
Read it's pages then you'll know
The saints will be 'caught up' also.

Believe on Messiah take His hand
Come into the promised land;
A land of hope without sin
Believe on Messiah enter in.

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