Muslims Join in Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

26 December 2016 11:12 in Qubes
Muslims Join in Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

How Does Islam Regard Jesus and Virgin Mary Anyway?

No Religion in the world reveres and dignifies Jesus Christ as deeply as Islam does, unlike what has been widely established by Western media as hostility of Muslims towards followers of Jesus.


In a chapter named after Virgin Mary, Islam's holy book of Qur'an confirms Christ's virgin birth and points to Mary as one of the purest women in the entire creation.


Yes, Muslims DO believe in miraculous birth of Christ


In fact, here's how the Qur'an describes the birth of Jesus:


"Behold, the Angel said: God has chosen you, and purified you, and chosen you above the women of all nations. Mary, God gives the good news of a Word from Him, whose name shall be the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and in the Hereafter, and one of those brought near to God. He shall speak to the people from his cradle and in maturity, and he shall be of the righteous. She [then] said, "My Lord, how shall I bear a son when no man has touched me?" [The Angel] said, "Such is God; He creates what He wills. When he decrees a thing, He says to it, 'Be!' and it comes to existence." [3:42-47]


Islam likens Jesus' birth to creation of Adam and Eve


Additionally, Muslims also believe that Jesus was born immaculately, and through the same divine power that gave life to Adam and Eve without a father or a mother, as pointed out in the Qur'an:


"Truly, the likeness of Jesus with God is as the likeness of Adam. He created him of dust, and then said to him, 'Be,' and he was." [3:59]


Yes, Muslims DO believe Jesus performed miracles


During his prophetic mission, Jesus performed many miracles. The Qur'an quoted Jesus as declaring to his people the following:


"I have come to you with a sign from your Lord: I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breathe into it and it becomes a bird by God's leave. And I heal the blind, and the lepers, and I raise the dead by God's leave." [3:49]


Mohammad, like Jesus and other Prophets of God, were designated to confirm belief in the single God. This is further underlined in the Qur'an, which cites Jesus as telling his people that he came "To attest the law which was before me, and to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden you; I have come to you with a sign from your Lord; so remain God-weary and obey me." [3:50]


Jesus mentioned by name 25 times in the Qur'an


Many Christians remain unaware that Jesus is mentioned by name 25 times in Islam's holy book, pointing to his high standing as "Son of Mary", "Christ", "Servant of God", and "Messenger of God."


He is further referred to in the Qur'an as “the word of God”, “the spirit of God”, a “Sign of God”, and numerous other epithets of honor spread over 15 different chapters. Islam's holy book also honors Jesus as one of the grand Messengers of God, and over the past 1,400 years Muslims continue to hold him as a symbol of truth.


Islam requires Muslims to believe in Jesus as God's Prophet


Belief in all of the Prophets and Messengers of God is a fundamental article of faith in Islam. Thus, believing in Prophets Adam, Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad is an obligation for anyone who claims to be a Muslim. So a person that denies the Prophethood of Jesus cannot be considered a Muslim.

The Prophethood of Jesus is clearly pointed out in the following verse of the Qur'an:


"The Messiah (Jesus), son of Mary, was no more than a Messenger before whom many Messengers have passed away; and his mother adhered wholly to truthfulness, and they both ate food (as other mortals do). See how We make Our signs clear to them; and see where they are turning away!" [5:75].


Muslims don't believe in Trinity of Jesus


Muslims believe in the Absolute Oneness of God, Who is a Supreme Being free of human limitations, needs and wants. He has no partners in His Divinity. He is the Creator of everything and is completely separate from His creation. This is explained in the following verse of the Qur'an:


"People of the Book (Jews and Christians)! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, and attribute to God nothing except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His command that He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and in His Messengers, and do not say: ‘God is a Trinity.' Give up this assertion; it would be better for you. God is indeed just One God. Far be it from His glory that He should have a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth. God is sufficient for a guardian" (4:171).

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