Pets and Pots; The Natural Joys

12 August 2017 01:31 in Blogs
Pets and Pots; The Natural Joys

The idea was pretty good and it was obviously a learning task for them. As the siblings began to pull each other on the pet of my choice...

Walking through crowded streets on our way back home, Muhammad, my seven-year-old boy, seemed concerned about his vacations. “Mom, what are we going to do these holidays?” He finally asked as he knew I usually had a list of activities in my mind for them.

“Well, what do you think we should do? Any plans, my little champ?” I wanted him to ponder this time.

“Mmm… yes I do have an idea! I wanted a pet. It would be great to look after an animal, but it must be a baby animal as I want to watch it grow up and… .” The honking of a horn cut him short and we turned around to see what happened.

“Stupid old cat!” shouted a taxi driver who was about to crush the poor creature with his junker. I thought of picking it up, but it ran away and Muhammad gave me a clear sign that he is not  interested in nursing a pet cat at all.

“Fatima, do you know what happened down the street?” Muhammad went in straight to his younger sister and there they continued the great debate about choosing a pet for themselves.

We had recently celebrated his 7th birthday. As he is growing up, his interests are changing. Before, he wanted some specific toys and games, or would often disturb us with his paper planes and ships all around the house. But now he acted as an responsible caretaker. It was definitely a pleasing note for us to welcome a new member; but the question remained,"Who"?

Pets are nature's gifts to us. I sometimes wonder that of all these games people play on their smartphones, why on earth don't they grab such natural joys for themselves?!

The idea was pretty good and it was obviously a learning task for them. As the siblings began to pull each other on the pet of my choice, I had to decide between two pets or one pet and a decent substitute for Fatima.

A few days later, we had to go to their grandmother's house to ask my brother if he had any idea about pets and fatima solved the issue for me there. “Mom Look! Aunt gave me these pretty flowers! ”Fatima was delighted as she smelled them. Her pink cheeks blushed to an even darker shade of pink with those few petals and there I thought to myself,"I got it, Fatima!"

“How about a pot for you and a pet for Muhammad? Let's see who takes care of their stuff well and I would give few small gifts to each one of you for being a good caretaker!"

The blush was slowly getting dimmer as Fatima looked at me. “Momma, I can't handle a pot alone!” she said quietly.

“Alone?!" I repeated. "You're never alone darling. I will be there with both of you to assist and guide.” I comforted her. Muhammad came running towards us with his cap in his hands.

“So you will be my assistant then,” he declared placing the cap on my head.

Color slowly came back to Fatima's cheeks.

“Okay, then can we have a rose plant, Mum?” She tried to cheer up again.

“Done! A rose for my rosy,” I said to her, leaning towards her and stroking her hair.

"Superb!!!" She hugged me tightly as if we were about to go on a crucial mission.

Baby turtles came to my house, as Muhammad entered the door with a brown bag in his hands.

"Guess what Uncle Zee has bought me, Mum?"

“You have actually stepped in with a pet Muhammad?”

I still was a bit doubtful at my son's bravery. “Yes, of course," He replied joyfully. “And we have even thought of their names; Tolly and Toshy.”

Two baby turtles came crawling out of the bag as Muhammad put it on to the ground and shook them out slowly. Fatima clung to me while seeing his brother making all the arrangements for his new pets. I could see Muhammad working with immense dedication and care.

Meanwhile, I talked to my brother about the food and environment of our new pets. I searched with Muhammad about them on the internet and we enjoyed seeing some videos about what to feed turtles and how to keep them active. They liked lady finger the most, and usually feed on green vegetables. Muhammad had become so attached to his new friends that he kept them in his lap and used to talk to them sometimes.

These little Terrapins gave us all anew joy and pleasure. We took them to parks with us and people around us would question,"Are they alive? Are they real? "And Muhammad would show them off proudly, “Yes, they are my pet turtles.”

Though hanging around with them was a bit dangerous as cats would often try to attack and we had to guard them all along. Both Fatima and Muhammad would take turns to do the task. A few days later I saw Muhammad cleaning his pets with a brush and I stopped by him to watch him work with such devotion and adherence. “Mum look!Its back was dirty.”

I was a bit afraid seeing him do that though, and thus I questioned, “Sure it was, but dear won't it hurt him cleaning with a hard brush?”

He had gained a lot of information and so he gave a composed reply, “Mum… it has a hard back which needs to be cleaned with a hard brush. Don't worry I have seen how to do it yesterday.” Again it was time for me to get impressed and be thankful.

Thankful to nature, thankful to the Lord who has made every being with a purpose. Watching those little turtles walk so slowly the three of us were learning lessons for a lifetime. Patience is necessary and being steadfast is equally important. Many interesting things happened and Fatima also has a lot to share about her experiences of nurturing the rose plant.

Stay tuned to my next post! Till then, take good care of the people and pets around you!

Sadaf Zehra
Sadaf Zehra  Sadaf is truly the manifestation of her name: a pearl inside its shell. When she isn’t running around her two lovely and energetic children she’s got books, newspapers and blogs to keep her busy.

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