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We need to understand that we need to eat healthy and workout regularly to get a healthy body and also mind...

Ah one little word, “slimming”.

It tends to pop up everywhere. No matter where you look you will find people and companies advertising for slimming shakes, teas and workout routines. All of them promise a thinner waistline and better looking body.

Even in fashion shapewear and waist shapers are making great comebacks. The aim of all of these products is to transform your body and make you look slimmer, sometimes even impossibly so.

The world has a preconceived idea of what it means to look beautiful, yet no one can put a finger on what this means exactly.

While a couple of centuries ago women were trying to come up with creative ways to fatten up and gain a couple of kilos so that they would look fuller, today we are getting several gym memberships and are drinking tummy flattening teas to look thinner.

Times change and so do beauty ideals and expectations. Today the world tells us, the thinner the better. But in reality it’s not about the number of kilos that the scale will show you, it’s about your body shape and what is healthy for you.

Yes ladies, I am going to say it. Health is more important than how much you weigh and what clothing size you wear.

We need to understand that we need to eat healthy and workout regularly to get a healthy body and also mind. But sadly the process of becoming healthy can be a long and arduous one. So while we all work to get fit let’s look at some ways to optically slim our bodies through some easy decisions in fashion style.

Here are five tricks to optically and modestly slim your entire look, accomplished with things that you can already find in your closet!

  1. Hijab drape

Fashion gurus today will tell you that an exposed v-neck, and especially one that dips quite low, will elongate your neck and thus will make you look thinner. Although the tip is absolutely impossible for hijabis to follow in this form, there is a grain of truth to the tip that we can use all the while staying modest. The answer is hijab draping. You will not believe it, but the way in which your hijab drapes will influence your overall shape greatly. Rounded drapes that fall over your shoulders all the way to your upper arms and across your front will make you look rounder.

Try instead: A V-shaped drape in the front that still covers the goods and the shoulders give the eye a focal point. Eyes are naturally attracted along straight lines, so people looking at you will glide right over your possible problem areas.


  1. Full Skirt

Puffy skirts are a fashion statement that hijabis can embrace with full force. Surprisingly a full skirt looks good on every body shape, provided that it is not too frilly and large. A-shaped or pear shaped body types might want to step away from tutu like skirts.

Try instead: Loose fitting skirts or dresses that flare out slightly and that are cleverly pleated to make the area fit loosely yet still elegantly. Always remember, loosely fitting clothes always make you look slimmer than tight sausage peel resembling outfits.


  1. Long outer layer

Ok, I want to take a minute and really tell you how much I love long cardigans. I am a long cardigan junkie. I own long cardigans in exactly five different colors, and even when I was cleaning out my closet I could say with utmost certainty that these are a staple for me. Now, before you call the hotline for ‘Long Cardigan-o-holics Anonymous’ for me, hear me out. Any long outer layer, will make you instantly slimmer since it graciously conceals and drapes over areas you would like to play down. On a side note, it’s ok not to be that into long cardigans like I am.

Try instead: Other long outer layers include light summer jackets, raincoats, trench coat, light military style jackets or blazers. All of these will work and make you look instantly thinner. I personally just like cardigans because they are light and add sleeves over dresses that might not have any.


  1. NO Horizontal stripes

I have to be strict with this one. If you are having trouble with your midriff and you rather conceal that area of your body more, then DO NOT GO FOR HORIZONTAL STRIPES on your dress or top. Horizontal lines lead the eye from side to side and so you are viewed as being more horizontal and thus more squat and broader.

Try instead: Vertical Lines! It sounds simple, and it is! Try reaching for clothes that have vertical lines, if you do not have any it’s best to avoid stripes all together.


  1. Dark Muted Colors

This is a no brainer, we all know black has a slimming effect. Not surprisingly shops carrying clothes in larger sizes tend to stock up on very dark and muted colors. As you can imagine this can get very depressing after a while. Where does it say that only fit people can wear colors and spunky outfits?!

Try instead: Do not cover yourself from head to toe in black, rather try to incorporate black cleverly. If you have problems with the belly area then make sure that your outfit has a darker color there, but can be bright anywhere else. If you have broader hips, maybe opt for a skirt in a darker tone and go colorful with the rest of your outfit.

I think long gone are the times in which, in order to conceal your body, you had to wear tent like clothes. With these simple yet effective tips you can make sure that you look great while at the same time working for a healthier and fitter body.

Let us know what you think! Do you have more fashion tips to optically slim our look? What do you think about the slimming hype? We would be glad if you interacted with us.

Until next time!

Zeynep Aydin
Zeynep Aydin  Zeynep is our in-house fashion guru. The fact that she has two Masters degrees makes it hard for us to not take her fashion sense seriously. When she isn't making the Q4T women more fashion-forward she blogs and contributes behind scenes for us.

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